Walk Against Hunger

Growing in love with God while...

Restoring Food
Abundance to Africa

500 miles to raise $500,000
Our director for Kenya is walking 500 miles to raise $500,000, so we can expand staff & training opportunities, and we could use your help!

Why is this needed?


of all people in Africa face significant hunger.

Hunger in Africa is a long-term systemic problem. Currently 270 million face severe hunger in Africa. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts a rise to 310 million by 2030, almost equal to all the people living in the USA. But this is not the way it has to be...

Restored soil on the right produces triple the harvest compared to the field on the left.

At Creation Steward International, our holistic strategy of ministry acts as a living parable, disciplining people to grow in Christ while becoming good stewards of His creation. Our programs restore people spiritually, physically, and economically by training farmers to restore their soil, plant trees, use fire-less cookers, and learn beekeeping.

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Our director for Kenya, Craig Sorley, is walking 500 miles to raise $500,000 so we can expand staff & training opportunities. We could use your help!
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