Our Mission

Training God’s people to steward God’s creation for the flourishing of all creation and peoples in Christ.

Our Vision

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we want to see our creator glorified, landscapes restored, and lives flourishing.

Our Team

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“All things were created by him and for him.”
Colossians 1:16

Our Ultimate Goal

Our goal is to transform people to walk closer with Christ and towards a vision for creation care that embraces the fullness of the Gospel.

We want communities to be transformed in all their relationships, starting with God and spreading into their relationships with other people and with the creation that surrounds them.


...transforming people to walk closer with Christ and towards a vision for creation care that embraces the fullness of the Gospel.

What We Do

Biblically-based Creation Care Training

We conduct biblically-based creation care trainings for national and international leaders. One or two day trainings can be arranged, and we offer comrehensive one week trainings multiple times a year. These trainings incorporate a diversity of creation care topics like Farming God’s way, indigenous forestry, the use of Fire-less cookers, beekeeping, and the conservation of biodiversity.


Local Outreach & Discipleship

We disciple local farmers and women groups through regular follow-up visits to build relationships. Bible study is combined with practical efforts to help people implement Farming God’s Way and other creation care solutions. The goal of this outreach is to uplift people out of poverty and dependency. We also conduct similar activities with area schools.


Multiplying Quality Trainers

Highly qualified creation care trainers are critically needed across Kenya and other parts of East Africa. Through our Training of Trainer’s Accreditation Program, we work to equip and multiply individuals who can effectively train others.


Hands-on Learning & Seedling Sales

Our demonstration site is an outdoor classroom that provides many opportunities for hands-on learning about various topics, including Farming God’s Way, tree nursery management, the grafting of fruit trees, indigenous tree species, compost making, and bee-keeping. Multiple kinds of tree seedlings, flowers and herbs are available for sale.


Training Topics offered by CSI

We plant a biblical vision and encourage practical action

Farming God’s Way

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Genesis 2:15

In John 4:35 Jesus said to his disciples: “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” Farming God’s Way, combined with biblical discipleship, is a mission field ripe for the harvest.

This training teaches people how to become good stewards of their farmland and how to restore their soil; resulting in dramatic improvements in crop yields. A farmer can easily double or triple their yields at low cost and with minimum external inputs. FGW is a sustainable method of farming that honors God and that brings good news to those suffering from poverty and hunger.


Tree Planting & Forestry Education

“In the middle of the garden was the tree of life…” Genesis 2:9

Deforestation in Kenya causes erosion, water scarcity, and agricultural decline. Research shows that the most economically depressed communities occur in the most heavily deforested parts of the country.

In the beginning God chose the tree to serve as a symbol of eternal life, and the Garden of Eden was filled with many kinds of trees. CSI works to inspire a vision for tree planting in Kenya.

Our indigenous tree nursery helps to spread that vision through forestry education and ongoing tree planting activities.


Fireless Cookers

In John 6:12, after Jesus fed five thousand people, he said to his disciples, “Gather up the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”

God is not pleased when we waste the resources of his creation. A fireless cooker is a simple technology that completes the cooking process for a variety of foods while conserving forest and fuel resources at the same time.

CSI trains women how to make, use, and benefit from this technology. When used regularly a fireless cooker can reduce the amount of firewood, gas, or charcoal consumed by 50% or more. Less time cooking over a fire also reduces the danger of fire and smoke pollution in the kitchen, improving safety and giving women more freedom for gardening or other household chores.



The bees created by God help to feed the world because they play a critical role in pollinating our crops. It is estimated that one in every three bites of food is the result of their work, and they do all their work for free.

Unfortunately, bee populations around the world are declining and we should work to protect and multiply our bee colonies.

CSI provides training in beekeeping as an added source of income, to improve crop pollination, and as a long term sustainable use of our forests.


Wildlife & Biodiversity

“All things were created by him and for him.” Colossians 1:16

The New Testament teaches that Christ our Savior is Christ the Creator. CSI recognizes the serious conservation challenges that face many species of birds and wildlife in Kenya. The rich biodiversity of our landscapes is a major source of employment and income.

During our trainings and for all our visitors CSI regularly highlights the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife, teaching people to value, protect, and conserve the amazing diversity of life that God has created.

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31


Resources available at Creation Stewards International

We plant a biblical vision and encourage practical action

A variety of creation care books and resources are available in our USA office and in Kenya at Moffat Bible College. These include books on the theological basis for creation care and resources on practical solutions like Farming God’s Way, tree nursery management, beekeeping, and other topics. To inquire about obtaining these resources email or contact us by phone.

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