Tree planting and Forestry Education

We teach scripture, plant a biblical vision, & encourage practical action

God chose the tree to serve as a symbol of life

We highlight a biblical perspective about trees.

God’s garden was filled with many kinds of trees, and the Bible has more than 400 references to trees or forests.

We teach people about the ecological consequences of deforestation

We promote a vision for reforestation and we train people about the high standards required for successful tree planting.

Planting a seedling is 10% of the work. Good aftercare to ensure its survival is 90% of the work.

We have an indigenous tree nursery in Kijabe that is both a training ground on forestry and a source of seedlings for many tree planting activities.
Kijabe Escarpment Forest
We partner with the Kijabe Forest Trust to protect the indigenous forest surrounding Kijabe