Fireless cookers: A creation stewardhip solution for every household

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God has called us to glorify him in every dimension of life. Fireless cookers help us to honor God as good stewards of the resources we use to cook our food.
Every home in the world can save time, money, and cooking fuel by learning how to make and use a fireless cooker.
After starting the cooking process using traditional fuels like firewood or gas, a fireless cooker is an insulating basket that traps heat and allows the cooking process to be completed without using additional fuel.
They are simple to make with local materials and are easy to use.
A wide variety of foods can be cooked including meat or vegetable stews, beans, rice, lentils, potatoes, ugali, etc.
Women and children are the primary beneficiaries of this simple technology.
A fireless cooker is a kitchen friendly and climate friendly technology that also helps to minimize the problem of deforestation.