“If Kenya is going to eradicate the dependency syndrome, then Farming God’s Way is the best answer. It is the only way to deal with the root cause of sin in our farms.”

Pastor Samuel Mbugwa

“I now see how caring for God’s creation can be a very powerful way to disciple farmers and our fellow Christians.”

Reverend Patrick Mureithi

“This is the first time I have heard an organization address poverty and hunger holistically. The reasons for our problems are all in the Bible.”

Theresia Kiarie

“I am a widow with eight children. Because of this training my poverty is gone.”

Halima Guyole

“I never knew that there was a connection between God and farming until now. My worldview has completely changed.”

Janet Andar

“It is difficult for me as a pastor to preach to people who have no food. If we don’t preach this message about farming that honors God, our own churches will disappear soon, and nobody will have anything to bring to the church for the Lord.”

Pastor Phillip Kishau

“I have now learned that we have completely left God out of our farms. God is calling us back to the garden.”

Henry Munjuga

“I am very inspired as to how this training has transformed me spiritually. I work in South Sudan, where hunger is the order of the day and people depend on handouts. Farming God’s Way is a great tool for transforming communities in South Sudan.”

Reverend Omari Omollo